Saturday, 28 January 2012

Quilts Making at Knit Wits

The last Thursday Quilting Session of the month is,
'Quilting and Patchwork Quilts'. This session
encourages students to tackle new techniques or Quilts
with help.
Above, are a variety of quilting styles, the top,
the beginning of a Sampler Quilt. Each week you learn
a different block, technique and this particular one is a,
'Quilt as You Go'.
The middle pictures are the start of a Rustic 9 patch,
made from a jelly roll and left over scraps.
It is often wise if you are not sure if your
colours go together, is to lay them together or
make a colour swatch, like the one above.
The Blue Windmill Triangle piece is a Sewing Machine Mat
and practices cutting and piecing triangles.
See more of my techniques on my
portfolio site

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