Friday, 17 June 2011

Collecting Together

On Thursday was my day in the studio, lovely.
I love being out and about sharing
and enjoying all the wonderful meetings and workshops
but I also like the time in my studio on my own,
playing and experimenting with 'stuff'.
I wanted to make a mixed media lace inspired book.
Something frilly, containing memories and keepsakes.
So my usual practice is to collect all the things
I can find in an short time. Often colour related too!
It keeps it project and idea based but I allow
for red herrings, lots will be rejected or
it will spark off where other items are while I am
making the item.
(I normally allow 15mins for this collecting otherwise you get lost
with all the lovely things and you don't get anything done).
So above are textiles, paper, trinkets, canvas and water colour paper.
The the process begins either with an inspiration via a picture, idea or
by the items I have collected together.
So many ideas then start rushing through my head
and I group items together.
in this case for the cover and the pages.
In the afternoon I had a visit from Chris who runs
Weeting Quilt Group. She brought her husband to see what a
studio in the garden looks like!
See more of my mixed media work on my website

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  1. Hi there,
    lovely, indeed. just must be very time taking but its really worth it.