Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sew Wild Alisa Burke

I wasn't feeling top notch on Tuesday as I sometimes
had to double take what we were making and
also ran into a blank when ladies turned up with
no idea what they wanted to make.
Sometimes I think they think I am Magic!!!
So Wednesday I took a day off!
I normally go to Scrap Booking this Wednesday
but I knew with tummy ache and feeling off colour it would
not be sensible. I took a quilt to the sofa and a cup of tea.
Sometimes you must listen to your body!
I really don't like sitting but didn't feel good to do anything.
I was lucky though because look what turned up in
the post in the morning?
Alisa Burke's 'Sew Wild'.
A wonderful book for textile marking and expression.
Alisa covers lots of techniques and there is a DVD that
comes with it. I watched this and then found a
You Tube video of her being interviewed.
View this inspirational interview with Alisa on my
video tech site


  1. Hope you are feeling better. Thank you for the book review because I have looked at this on amazon and wondered if it would be good, so its nice to hear from someone who has it.

  2. Sometimes feeling a little under the weather can give us time alone for better things. You seem to enjoy everything you do and your friends are limitless.