Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mixed Media Autumn Backgrounds

Jeanette is making a mixed media leaf wall hanging and
needed the background for her wonderful
embroidered leaves.
She really doesn't enjoy painting because like some
of us she was put off art by an art teacher who didn't like her
and told her she couldn't do it. That teacher was wrong!!!
Jeanette produces fantastic mixed media pieces,
one of which being 'Bolliwood Turrets'.
She was really out of her comfort zone when
I lay out a piece of plastic,
put a piece of calico on it and arranged, paints, PVA, cotton wool,
swabs, rubber gloves and an apron on the table.
After we all had a little laugh at her impression of a
mad surgeon she got to work through
'gritted teeth'!
It went outside the Gallery to dry with bricks and a flower pot
to hold it down, much to the interest of customers.
Forty minutes later Jeanette was at the machine
with wools and a machine that didn't want to play!
(they always know when you are trying something new!)
With perseverance the wools were zig zagged on to
form the bark layers.
As you can see above with the leaves on top with
the background showing through it is going to
look quite something.
To see Jeanette's 'Bolliwood' click the label below.

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