Sunday, 3 April 2011

Queen's Dressmaker

Mrs Peggy Umpelby has been beading The Queen's dresses
for over forty years. Mrs Peggy explained that the dresses
come in pieces or lenghts of fabric which then have to
be beaded. It is Peggy's skill at where to bead the beaded design
so that the shape and form of the body and design will look their best.
Tambour Beading is always worked on the reverse of the fabric.
The beader doesn't see the front as they work
often feeling the design as they go.
Peggy explained that it is easier on the sheer fabrics to see! the design
and that a 'pounced' pattern is often put on the
heavier fabric such as taffeta
so it can be followedThe sleeve section above and includes cutwork.
It is one of a pair which replace ones on one of
The Queen's favourite dresses.
(use the scroll button on the right of the wedding dress photo on Amies
site to read the information)
and then watch the video which includes some of
Mrs Peggy's work

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