Thursday, 1 July 2010

Gallery Day 29th June 2010

Lots of moving around at The Gallery today.
Each artists who exhibits, has there own presenting area for the next few weeks.
So I moved 'The Toxic Stack' and 'Red Quilt' over to the corner.
They really compliment each another!
I now have to figure out how to display all my mixed media exhibits to give my area some cohesion!
Workshops carried on as usual,
interspearsed by visitors and customers who were interested
in what was going on.
There were also two teenagers from the local High School,
participating in the work experience week.
They helped me in the afternoon to set up a print station ready for
the printing workshops which are coming soon.
Great fun sorting through materials and all the different sorts of Paper!
Also news that building work had started on the new Art Centre where
The Gallery will be moving into next year.
See more of the 'Red Exhibition'

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  1. Wow, Jane I wish I could be there for all the excitement. You have moved up so fast in the world. I just love to see all your success.