Thursday, 15 April 2010

Burning Metal In Stewart's Studio

This morning Stewart let me into his studio to burn some more metal for one of the mixed media pieces I am working on, based on armour and costumes.

Health and Safety tip here make sure you protect yourself, I wear my leather apron most of the time when I am in my studio, so I can do most techniques without worrying about what I am wearing!
Wear a mask when needed.
Work in a well ventilated room.
Have water handy!

See more of my metal sculptures on my website especially under 'Roadkill'


  1. Is this the metal that you buy on a roll at the art stores. I have used the embossing tool on it, but never used a torch. You need to explain this to me. I will watch for more information.

  2. I use aluminium cat food tins (food fed to the cat and washed out of course!). I do also use aluminium and metal brought from the craft shop but I like using recyled materials.
    By using a blow torch you patenise it quickly and with a different colouring to vinegar etc.
    best wishes,
    jane c