Saturday, 20 March 2010

Quilting Saturday

This morning I started what I thought was going to the back of the Red Quilt but Stewart came into the studio and looked at my piecing and said" that' too good to be a back!". This then set the mind whirling 'but I haven't got a modern red fabric to put on two quilts!'. Only one thing for it go fabric shopping! This entails a 62mile round trip to Sian's Scouthut at Hunstanton, Norfolk. A lovely country drive to the seaside and an Alladins cave of fabrics 30-40% cheaper than regular stores. Stewart laughed as we walked through the door as Sian must have at least 15 red fabrics which I could choose from. She has new Japenese fabrics and Beach inspired ones too! which are really inspirational!
Lola the dog was happy to see us and really fussed over Stewart!
So red marble dyed backing fabric, we made our way home with a stop off at a watering hole called "The Crown" at Gayton.


  1. I marvel that your husband has such a good eye. Mine doesn't have a clue. I am sure it will be worth the trip.

  2. Very lovely red quilts your making Jane, I took a look around at your blog, very inspirational, and what I saw was one of Lisa's dolls, I have one too, her dolls are so sweet.

  3. Wow sounds like a great trip to get some material.

  4. Sounds like you had fun! A fabric buying trip with hubby in tow (or leading the way?) ! You lucky girl! Is that front section pieced or woven, Jane?

  5. Thank you for your encouraging comments everyone. the quilt is pieced.
    best wishes,
    jane C