Monday, 8 March 2010

Myself in A Chinese Skirt

This beautifully embroidered, dyed and pieced skirt was amazingly heavy. This would be a 'best' overskirt and there would be two underneath this one. Embroidered Skirt panels would be on the top of this. Costume pieces would be passed down through the family and often recyled into another textile depending on it's owner. Judith's collection had so many beautiful pieces I will post some of them and how I have developed the stitches and layers in the future. So watch this blog! I felt very priveledged wearing it.
Thank you, Judith for such an inspiring experience.
If you would like to have more inspiration visit
there is a translation button, click on the main page and then click on costumes.
This shows you a selection of Chinese Textile Costumes.

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  1. You are very fortunate indeed to have on such a wonderful example of Chinese wearable art. I would not have guessed it to be Chinese. It almost looks like something from South America.