Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Painted Backgrounds Jan 2010 part 3

After painting and stamping an abstract background I then used watereddown green ink to paint over the background of Lutradur that had not been painted. I allowed this to dry naturally because it you use a heat gun on Lutradur it will melt, as it is 100% polyester. The holes that are formed, due to it melting are ideal if you want to view more of a backgound through, similar to a lace effect.

So when it had dried I then overpainted the surface again with liliac fabric paint. This seems to be the colour of the month so far. I started playing with purples in November. See Working Practice on my website and art blog

These are now ready for stitching and embellishing.

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  1. this is gorgeous, I don't even know what lutrador is!! but the sound of melting it to see through it is very cool. love the colours you chose as well.