Friday, 15 January 2010


Since Tuesday at the gallery I have tidied up in my studio because I kept taking things in the door and putting them on the table and eventually had no table left. My table is 6ft by 8ft so you can tell there was a 'little bit' to sort out!

See my table space under the studio heading on my website

Thursday I picked up my friend Jill, the treasurer of Alveva Quilt group and we went off to the coast to buy fabric!

Cold, Cold and very very wet! better than snow though!

When we got to Shian's at The Scout Hut, Hunstanton Lola was hugging the fire as you can see. She didn't even move to say hello. I don't blame her.

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  1. Hi Jane
    Know just what you mean about the table, I have one 3 x 6 footer and and 8 x 3 foot set up at the moment and we are having our meals in armchairs most nights. Some of the clutter is Husbands though. Lucky you buying fabric. I can't get enough