Monday, 18 January 2010

8 Blue Moon ATC'S Finished

They are finished and ready to swap.
One for me as a keepsake.
One to Sheila in Australia and
One to Judy in America.

So that leaves 5 to swap with the best comments on what they are inspired by.


  1. Hi Jane! Thanks for the follow on my blog; I'm flattered! I find your work to be both divine and inspirational. These ATC's are gorgeous!

    My dad used to sing ‘Blue Moon’ around the house sometimes; I guess when he was happy. I inherited my dad’s singing ability - in that neither of us can really hold a tune! Sad, but true! On occasion, and again probably when I’m happy, for some reason it pops into my head and before I can stop myself I break out into song… you guessed it ‘Blue Moon’!

    I'm in the process of entering my first ever ATC swap. If I'm lucky enough to be chosen for yours would I make one with the same theme? or a theme of my choice?
    (fingers and toes crossed)Sandi

  2. Well, those ATCs are pretty inspiring - and blue, which I find immensely inspirational, be it sea or sky, flowers, lapiz lazuli and turquoise gems, the beautiful blues in Marrakech and Essaouira in Morocco, especially the blues in the Majorelle Gardens and the robes of the Berbers, the intense blues in Greece....

    I also love corroding metals and verdigris, and rust.

    The glorious colours of Cornwall and the Isle of Skye also excite my creativity.

    Walls also inspire - be they part of Venetian pallazi, ancient Cathedrals and Abbeys, Indian or Middle Eastern architecture.

    It's an inspiring world out there!

  3. Your ATCs are really great! I love the color and they inspire me to take out my beads more often to use them on my work!

  4. Hi Jane
    I am your 13th follower I think that is lucky for me. Love the blues although I think that it is like looking down on a beautiful space ship and when it flys off there will be a crop circle there. Those touches of green and blue are just like looking at bits of the Australian Blue Mountains at dawn. I am a long way from the Beautiful Blue Mountains here in dusty dry South Australia but I used to live in them and I do miss the greens and blues. Oh well a holiday in Tasmania will stock me on green this autumn. I'd love to swap an ATC with you.