Sunday, 9 August 2020

Change another chapter in the studios

Its been a week since we turned off the lights in The Old Art Room Swaffham studio for good.
Quilters Cottage has become my studio again. Home from home. An unsettling feeling of loss, bewilderment and stress as we could see bills not going to be able to be paid, if the pandemic continued, as the town studio and shop thrives on sharing and support. We handed the keys back to our amazing but reluctant landlady on the 3rd of August, as she too loved the 'magic' the studio created and we had been good tenants throughout the five years. 
A lot of changes have occurred as we (meaning Stewart and myself) have worked from home, gardened and brought Quilters Cottage back to life. The cottage and garden needed so much doing as we maintained what we could in a few hours at weekend before this.  The studios were more like store rooms, grabbing what I needed for the town studio and dumping off what was not required until the following time or season, they needed love and TLC as we had put some much time and energy into growing the business in Swaffham. It thrived and I am so pleased with that as it has made so many so happy, including us. Not to say it won't again but it will be very very different with social distancing being a main priority for the unseeable future.
Covid 19 has brought about a change for all of us.
In the beginning of the pandemic Stewart was on call and worked certain days but this has gave us the time for us to work on Quilters Cottage and bring it back to life. This was until the whole of a town studio came home, overwhelming and creating what we can only term caos and a feeling of hoarding. This led to us taking 45 boxes and items to our local auction to ease a little of the tusami of shop and studio that hit our veranda, studio and home. this I can see we are going to have to do for months to come as there was never able to be a sale due to the restrictions. A sense of overwhelm but I deal with each area, each box day by day. Each item, box means often at least 5 to 10 other moves or jobs as it takes logistics to fit in what I had gathered over 25 years of teaching and sharing creativity in the community. A life's work!

So, I felt it necessary to write this entry to express this. Unsure whether it was nostalgia or a sense that Quilters Cottage is becoming another way of sharing the creativity that is wakening here. The Old Art Room is still operating as the signs are ready to go up in a very unique space:)) 
I will keep you up to date with the goings on.
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Unsure whether this is a stand alone entry or the start of many.
We are still needing support for the studio because we are still working away with the 10am Facebook live on Old Art Room Page and delivering to customers in many different ways.
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Enchanted Nest

Looking back to the move into the new 
High Street studio in March. 
I can see it was the best thing to happen.
The new studio is working out soooo well and we
all love the making and sharing the window display.
I picked out the 'Enchanted Nest' as I think it symbolises 
how much we love our new home the creativity and how sharing 
with a whole new audience is really wonderful.
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on The Old Art Room Blogsite

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Oriental Cathedral Window

I have been waiting to use this yellow Oriental Fabric for quite
It needed to be cut so that the ladies were in focus.
By using this Cathedral Window technique,
there is enough interest but allows the fabric shine through.
It is a variation on the traditional cathedral technique
using Machine andHand stitching.
Its Cathedral Window with a twist.
I will be teaching it at the Textile Sessions.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Circus Animals

Mum brought me these 'wild animals' before Christmas.
They make their sounds when you push their tummies.
I had fun today putting frills around their collars.
Just had to do it:)))))))
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Blue and Green King Size Quilt

I am working on Commissions at the moment in the studio.
This is a king size quilt for a client who want it
for their 25th Anniversary.
I love working with these colours.
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The Old Art Room

Circus Journal Back Page

This is the back page of The Circus Journal I have been
This is one of the inspirational themes for the studio.
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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Oriental Junk Journal

This is my completed Oriental Junk Journal. Lots of Chinese and Japanese Inspiration.
I got it done for the Chinese New Year of the Sheep/Ram.
Enjoy viewing.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Video of my Christmas Keepsake Junk Journal

I have spent all day learning how to use a video camera set up overhead so 
I can craft and film at the same time.
Visit my Christmas2inspire website to see 
the video of the flip through of my Journal

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cinch Paper Punch

The Cinch Machine arrived and I can now punch 
multiple holes in all the papers that I seem to accumulate 
while making projects. 
also most know I do recycle a lot!!!
I was given a bag of spirals too, so I am well away to
start some themed journals.

January New Year Nails

Kim at Innovations in Swaffham has been
looking after my nails for two years and 
I have loved the effect.
I have had glitter on the tops of my nail colour every
two weeks.
 At Christmas I dipped my nails straight in the glitter pot and loved it.
So have started this year with Chinese Red and holographic glitter.
Sooooooo sparkly.
Looks like the holographic glitter is my trend for the year.
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Visit their Facebook Page HERE

Monday, 5 January 2015

1970's Craft Junk Journal

I have posted pictures of this sewn journal before but this is the video.
The paper is collected and the majority comes from
two 1970's craft books. The cover is made from
1970's fabric and the spine are kebab sticks.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Circus is Coming to Town

These are a few of the pages from a my Circus Inspiration Album.
This is one of the new topics for January in the studio.
I normally make a sketchbook but because I had large pictures 
I put them in this 12"x12" Album.
I have really enjoyed the start of this theme.
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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas Keepsake Tag Book Completed

I wanted to finish this Christmas Keepsake Tag Book before
Twelfth Night and here it is.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Christmas Tag Book Part Two

I have added some more to The Christmas Tag Book.
I am trying to get it finished by Twelfth Night.
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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Christmas Tag Book

The first day of the New Year and with the decorations
taken down I am still wanting to enjoy the last
of the Christmas holiday.
This Tag Book is made from six tags.
I received them as part of a gift.
Five are in the coin style envelopes I made and 
one is the cuff band that holds the book 
I will decorate the tags over the next couple of days.
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